Provisions about the summer codeschool

1. General provisions

        1.1. School’s primary target – is to give possibility to  Ukrainian and foreign students to show their skill in constructing complex algorithms and developing application on a high level,  improve the quality of education at subjects related with programming and algorithmisation at higher education establishments, promote high-qualificated programming specialist preparation, establish worldwide cooperation and integrate our education into pan-European educational field.

      For achieving this goal we should do the following tasks:

- form and select qualified teaching personnel that are able to organize and provide a professional preparation of students-programmers up to high-level competitions as coaches and team leaders;

- select and prepare the most capable teams for different professional students’ competitions;

- provide experience exchange between students and lecturers, who actively work at the sphere of programming and algorithmisation and prepare specialists in modern informational technologies;

- bring composition of lectures at the school, good authorial problems, based on them, and analysis of this tasks to wide collegial audience;

- stimulate the establishment of business contracts between students and coaches from different Ukrainian cities;

- establish worldwide collaboration, integrate ourselves into European’ educational field, share experience with other countries’ specialists 

        1.2. School location. School takes place on Uzhhorod National university base, 88015, Uzhhorod, Zankoveckoyi st., 89А.

        1.3. Funding. Expenses, connected with business trip for participating  teams (transportation, accomodation, nutrition and other expenses) are fully reimbursed by educational establishment, which sends the team. Expenses, connected with competition carriage, are reimbursed by hosting organization. Hosting organization sets the organization fee for the purpose of partially covering it’s expenses. Hosting organization has right to engage any external organizations or certain authorizes for general competition construction or other codeschool events. 

        1.4. School participants. To partaking in the school are admitted student’s teams from higher educational establishments of Ukraine or other countries(not more that three teams from one university). Team participation in the school must be coordinated with organization that hold it. Organization, which helds the school, determines the number of teams, their zonal structure, on the basis of their own possibilities and thoughts about the best task solving, that stand against the school. Each team can have not more than three university members. To the team stuff also can be included teams from lyceums, colleges and other educational establishments, that are part of one educational complex, and also, school teams. Each team are accompanied by a coach or team lead from a number of lecturers ,  employees, candidates or just students. As the couch(conductor) of the team educational establishment. The university provides the team with a leader - a highly qualified specialist, expert in programming and algorithmization.
       Regardless to host side possibilities, teams, which show better results at comptitions conducted under the auspices of ICPC, will get higher priority.

        1.5. Language. Official competition languages related with  written documentary is English and Ukrainian. To programming languages refer: С++, Pascal, Java, С#. Exact versions of programming languages and compilers teams can explore individually at the competition, they can not be changed by their request.

2. Competition rules

        2.1. Codeschool duration – is 9 days. The First and the last competition day will be for organization purposes, 5 day - trips and the other six – for contests. The School is dedicated   to solving thematic problems. It is planning to invite the best problem authors from different countries. At each of these days there will be held : 1) lecture from one of the authors, where one of important algorithmic topics will be discussed; 2) problem solving contest, where some of the problems are dedicated to the lecture topic (other topics are left author`s choice); 3) problems review; 4) contest for upsolving unsolved problems from current and previous days; 5) day summary. 

        2.2. Nominations. At the period of the School there will be set out winners at the following nominations: main contest tour, the best from authors point of view solution of the day, upsolving leader.

        2.3. Scoring. At each mentioned nomination team rating is being evaluated seperatly. Winner based on main tour and upsolving is defined by ACM rules(penalty time is defined exclusively by the number of attempts without considering submission time).The best for author solution choosing is based on his own thoughts, for example: original, fast, unique, short, elegant or persistant solution.

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