The previous summer school lectors list:

Ligue 1

Vasyl Biletskyy, Vitaliy Herasymiv

Ad hoc tasks

Matviy Aslandukov


Ihor Barenblat

Data structures: the tree of the segments and the Fenwick tree

Daniil Smelskyi

Persistent data structures

Andriy Selyvanov

Probability Theory

Adalbert Makarovych

Theory of games

Ligue 2

Ihor Barenblat

STL Library

Serhii Vapnychnyi


Mykhailo Pryhara

Breadth-first search in dynamic programming problems

Ivan Fekete

The theory of numbers

Serhii Zhukovskyi

DFS, matching, bridges, articulation points

Teodor Zarkua

Modular arithmetic and its application